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Solar Power versus Standard Electricity Cost

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Electricity prices tend to keep rising every year, don’t they? But there’s plenty of sunlight out in the open for us to consume. Getting energy directly from the sun makes better sense than purchasing it indirectly from a local power station. Solar power, of course, is one of the more cost-efficient types of energy compared to ordinary electricity. Installing solar panels seems cheaper than investing in natural gas, coal, and fossil fuel.  

The sun is free and it rises up every day. That’s why it is renewable energy. Electricity generation requires means tons of work. But the concept of efficiency is achieved when you install your own solar power plant on your house’s roof. Use the sun’s power and never have to pay expensive electrical bills ever again 

How Much Will You Save? 

Find out what the prevailing electrical rates in your area are. If you live in the US, on average, it’s about 12 cents for every kilowatt-hour. The average kWh a residential home in the US uses is around 900 kWh a month. That means that the monthly average electricity bill is at $120 before fees and taxes.  

Electricity costs have changed so much over the years. The rates change yearly, monthly, and seasonally. But in general, it has gone up high. Retail electricity prices have risen in recent years and the national average rate is at about 30% increase over the last decade. Some areas have seen an increase in rates of about 40%.   

Using Solar Energy 

Solar energy can help you isolate yourself completely from these price variations, especially the inevitable increase in utility bills. Incredibly, the worldwide average price of the solar panels and modules has plummeted from $3 per watt to less than $1 per watt over a period of eight years. Of course, it depends upon your location. The configuration of your property, the location of your house, the local weather conditions, and the quality of the solar resources have a major impact on your solar system’s cost-effectiveness.  

Since 2010, the total cost of a full residential solar panel installation has gone down by about 45 percent, primarily due to new leasing and financing options that are widely available. It means that when you buy a solar panel for your house, all the solar energy it generates will be free. The system will pay off itself, which may take up to 10 years, depending on your location. Once you pay for your system, you’ll start saving some money. You’ll save from the first day the system generates solar power.  

Get Solar Panels Today 

Start saving by taking advantage of the sun. Find out how much money you can save every month. Think of solar panels your weapon against increasing electricity costs. Extract the sun’s energy in the same way as trees and plants do.  

Contact the professional solar panel installers in your area and get the project up and running. Solar panels are worth the investment. It’s one way to give back or do your share in caring for Mother Nature. Don’t think about solar panel cost because you’ll get a high ROI in the future.  

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